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Expert Analysis

Whether we are providing our clients with tax projections or preparing appeal cases to present to the appraisal district, RETC delivers the most comprehensive and accurate analyses in the industry.  Our due-diligence, underwriting, and budgeting support are produced with investor-grade tax modelling and projections.

Each property tax appeal case that we review is analyzed using a minimum of four different appraisal approaches as detailed below.  RETC combats property tax overvaluation and achieves maximum tax savings by taking a customized approach and determining which appraisal method builds the strongest case file for each property.


Using the income approach, RETC projects a stabilized NOI for each property. First, we review the financial and operational performance of the subject property over the last 2 to 3 years. That information is coupled with market-level information, such as occupancy rates, rental rates, concessions or TI’s offered, and capitalization rates. With those two buckets of data, RETC projects a fair pro forma for the upcoming year. Adjustments are then made according to the specific factors that influence the subject property.


Using the cost approach, RETC first gathers all the pertinent information required to calculate cost. Beyond just obtaining the blueprints, it is necessary for RETC to communicate with the builders and architects to understand all of the details of the subject property. RETC loads this information into its software to approximate replacement cost based on size, property type, construction class, and finish-out; the cost is then discounted depending on age and condition of the subject property.


Over the years RETC has amassed a vast proprietary database with historical financial and sales information that it leverages in its analyses. This data is continually updated with subscriptions to all of the major information providers, as well as insider information provided to RETC by commercial brokers and clients. RETC has populated this information into a proprietary database that can easily search comparables based on property type, location, size, age and condition.


According to the property tax code, all comparable properties in a given market area should be fairly and equally assessed.  However, most properties are often not equalized due to appraisal districts’ lack of resources. Significant details are routinely missed that could result in a lower tax assessment for properties. RETC has proprietary software that benchmarks clients’ properties’ assessments with comparable properties’ assessments based on key metrics, such as value per square foot, year built, property condition, total square footage, land/building ratio, etc.

Expert Negotiation

Since 1986, RETC has distinguished itself as a leader in ad valorem tax industries, saving millions of dollars for our clients and on average, delivering double-digit percentage tax savings for overvalued accounts. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as fair and honest in the eyes of the appraisal districts, and our clients benefit directly from the close working rapport we have established with them throughout the years.  RETC is able to leverage its expert negotiating skills in order to secure a fair market value for our clients.

Expert Experience & Training

The RETC team is made up of highly trained and experienced property tax professionals with appraisal, broker, private equity/underwriting, and institutional investing backgrounds.  The managing partners come from various real estate investment backgrounds and have first-hand experience with acquisitions and development deals. This experience allows RETC to offer unique insights and consultation services during the due diligence, holding, and disposition phases of projects.

RETC maintains the strictest hiring process in the industry and our employees undergo comprehensive, investor-minded, analytical modelling and negotiations training, along with ongoing advanced education in new technology, tax laws and industry standards.

Unmatched Client Interface

Communication is a core value at RETC and each client is assigned a personal account manager and a local tax consultant for each of their properties. Tax consultants communicate with each client directly on all property-specific issues and analyses, while our account managers focus on client-level matters. This configuration ensures quality service to our clients, while maintaining localized analysis on their accounts. As a client, you are never more than one call or email away from knowing the status of your tax appeals.

24 Hour Response Time

In the world of real estate, deals move quickly and our clients need partners that can move just as fast.  RETC works hard to operate as an extension of our clients’ business and promises to promptly respond to and satisfy all client requests within 24 hours of receiving them.  RETC is a dynamic company that understands the market and can change quickly to meet the needs of our clients.

Customized Incentives-Based Pricing

All real estate deals and companies are unique, therefore, there is not a single pricing structure that works for everyone. RETC provides customized and smart pricing structures that take into account fund-level versus property-level expenses, allowing asset and fund managers to manage their cash flows better. We have tiered fee structures that provide better incentives to consultants where fees are allocated on entire portfolios instead of per property. This helps to even out consulting expenses across the portfolio without being too heavily weighed upon any one particular property. Of course, we also offer a standard contingency fee structure where, when necessary, minimum and maximums can be set as well.