Five on Three: RETC



Business name: RETC (Real Estate Tax Consultants)

Business address: 3345 Silverstone Drive

Year opened: 1986

Employee name: Amish Gupta

Position at the company: Chief Operating Officer

Total number of employees: 20

RETC is a leader in the property tax consulting industry, saving millions of dollars for thousands of clients nationwide. RETC is dedicated to creating optimum tax savings for clients and providing value to taxing authorities by negotiating fair and equitable property tax assessments in a professional and ethical manner.

What does your business offer that is unique compared to similar businesses?
RETC is more than just an appeals firm. Through our in-depth training program, we teach each member of our team to think like investors and partners. This is an important part of our firm’s value for clients, knowing that our employees have learned the same analytical acumen as top-level executives.

What is the most important part of your job on a daily basis?
Ensuring RETC employees receive superior training similar to that of an MBA to make them well rounded in business and industry practices. Our team is comprised of respected negotiators with extensive knowledge of property tax law, investor relations, new technologies and ordinances, etc. Education should be consistent throughout a career.

What are your keys to success?
RETC’s key to success is defined by our employees. We equip them for success, which in turn adds value to our company and clients. We provide an ongoing internal training program, hone their negotiating, networking and presentation skills while ensuring they provide superior client management.

What surprises you most about your job?
The human element matters. It is important to build a trusting relationship with clients and maintain open lines of communication.

Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about your company.
The name of our company, RETC, implies that our services are limited to commercial real estate properties. However, our expertise reaches far beyond “typical” real estate markets into those such as oil and gas, data centers and manufacturing.