A local expert provides five recommendations on a topic useful to small business owners. This week, consultant Amish Gupta talked to staff writer Hanah Cho about five tips for training your employees for success.

Build an internal training program
C-suite and senior managers should use knowledge from their education and experience by holding quarterly internal training sessions. This is a pertinent part of our firm’s value for clients when they realize our employees have learned the same analytical acumen as top-level executives.

Teach negotiation
Each employee should have solid negotiation skills, regardless of role or level. Negotiating is a fundamental part of business that leads to other skill development. In fact, the best negotiators are those who don’t focus solely on winning an argument but who can find a middle ground.

Fine-tune presentation skills
Employees may excel at analytical tasks and other skills, but can they sell your company’s services and experience during a new-client presentation? Equip them with tools and knowledge to tailor each presentation, whether it’s a new-business pitch or an industry panel.

Create superior client management
Maintaining and nurturing client relationships is key in any business. Consider instituting a policy for 24-hour response, ensuring clients receive a response in a timely manner.

Teach networking skills
Sending employees to seminars and industry conferences is not enough. Networking goes above and beyond making new contacts. Coach your employees on how to develop these contacts and maintain these relationships. This can lead to new business relationships.