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RETC Service Cycle

RETC is a property tax advisory firm offering services for all stages of the asset life. We specialize in identifying and reducing property tax risk during the due diligence phase and ensuring high returns during hold and post-disposition.

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Scope of Services


While most consultants pay little attention to pre-acquisitions tax projections, RETC understands the true value of this service and has made it a key component of our offerings. Property tax is a major expense category, and even a small margin of error in the forecasted taxes can have a large impact upon an underwriter’s modelled profit estimates. Thus, RETC provides our clients with thorough cash-flow-based tax projections with built-in sensitivities that detail many different scenarios, their tax implications and the evidence used to support our findings. Our thorough tax modelling allows our clients to bid with confidence, gain a competitive advantage, and to increase their deal success rate.


RETC approaches the annual budget process with the same thoughtfulness and detail as we do with our pre-acquisitions tax projections.  We provide estimated budgets that include confidence intervals which are based on RETC’s historical reduction results and adjusted for current profit and loss impact, market conditions, and other variables that could factor into the forecast.


RETC takes its fiduciary responsibility seriously and treat each of our client’s properties as if it were our own. We handle all aspects of the property tax protest including filing the appeal, performing the property analysis, negotiating informally and, if necessary, taking the appeal to a formal hearing for resolution.  RETC delivers the most aggressive property tax reduction services in the industry by ensuring that each tax appeal case is analyzed using a minimum of four different appraisal methods. RETC combats property tax overvaluation and achieves maximum tax savings by taking a customized approach and determining which appraisal approach builds the strongest case file for each property.


There are many cases where the standard appeal process does not provide a satisfactory tax reduction outcome. In these scenarios, RETC will document and review with our client the costs related to filing a litigation appeal and estimate the tax savings that could be achieved by proceeding with the litigation process. RETC partners with many specialized property tax attorneys across the nation. Depending on the asset type, location, and appeal specifics, RETC will recommend the most suitable attorney with the highest probability of achieving additional tax savings to our client.


RETC offers multi-state personal property tax compliance and prepares returns with reporting that leads to the lowest initial tax assessment. RETC seeks to obtain all exemptions and abatements that are legally allowed in each state to ensure that our clients are not paying more than their fair share in property taxes.


Most organizations manage their own internal property tax departments or outsource their tax appeal process to third party service providers. In either case, it is sometimes difficult to know if the current process is producing the most effective tax minimizing results and if a process change is overdue. RETC understands this situation and offers a complimentary audit of the most recent tax appeals in our prospects’ portfolio.  After completion of our audits, RETC will deliver a detailed report listing our estimated tax assessment for each property as well as the supporting data and evidences used to arrive at those figures.


RETC can assist in identifying and pursuing exemptions and abatements for its clients. This encompasses locating and communicating with the proper individuals in the local jurisdictions who can help secure local incentives.


In certain jurisdictions where transfer taxes are applicable, RETC identifies the value of the impact. Additionally, RETC will verify the client is not unjustly burdened by a tax that may be based on an erroneous valuation. Often times local jurisdictions will include personal property or intangible assets as part of their consideration. RETC works directly with the local authorities to ensure that the proper tax amount is levied.