RETC helps sophisticated investors gain a competitive edge by prioritizing the most impactful aspects of property tax services, allowing for material gains on deal and fund level returns.


RETC is taking a fresh approach to property tax consulting that goes beyond what investors typically experience from the property tax consulting industry. We differentiate ourselves by being investor-focused in who we hire, how we train, how we interact with our clients, and the services that we offer.


Investor clients appreciate our custom, Excel-based reports that can be scheduled and/or retrieved on-demand. Receive updated data to your inbox by using a simple, one-click refresh button.

RETC Group was recently acquired by Ryan, a leading global tax services and software provider and the largest Firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes. The combination of RETC and Ryan creates the largest property tax team in the United States with the most local expertise of any provider. RETC’s existing clients will continue to receive the excellent service they have been receiving and will now have access to Ryan’s value-added services and tax-saving strategies across more than 50 global tax disciplines.

Please follow Ryan on LinkedIn to receive updates on our next chapter, and visit to learn about all of the comprehensive property tax services now available to you.

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