Our Approach

RETC is taking a fresh approach to property taxes. We help institutional investors, equity funds, REITs, private developers and operators, and corporations gain a competitive edge by taking an investor’s approach to hiring, training, analytics, services, pricing, and client interaction.

Capitalize On A Mix Of Services Directly Geared For Investors

With our deep understanding of commercial real estate deal structure, RETC is able to add value for our clients in each stage of an asset’s life cycle by providing a blend of services that are unique to our industry.

Work With A Team That Truly Understands Your Business

RETC maintains its edge by having a rigorous hiring process to find top talent in the industry. The RETC team is made up of experienced professionals with valuation, appraisal, broker, private equity/underwriting, and institutional investing backgrounds. Our consultants are experts in property tax law, appraisal methodologies and underwriting principles with a robust understanding of local ordinances and market knowledge. Our employees undergo comprehensive training on valuation, tax law, negotiations, and technology on a monthly-basis. RETC employs a case-based methodology, requiring the professionals to analyze and present their case in each training session.

Reduce Risk With Analysis Where Accuracy is Paramount

Whether we are providing our clients with tax projections or preparing appeal cases to present at an appraisal district, RETC delivers the most comprehensive and accurate analyses in the industry. Our due-diligence, underwriting, and budgeting support are produced with investor-grade tax modeling and projections. Each property tax appeal case that we review is analyzed using a minimum of four different appraisal approaches. RETC combats property tax overvaluation and achieves maximum tax savings by taking a customized approach and determining which appraisal method builds the strongest case file for each property.

Stay Up-To-Date With Your Own Dedicated Account Manager

Communication is a core value at RETC and each client is assigned a personal account manager and a local tax consultant for each of their properties. Account managers focus on client-level matters while our tax consultants work property-specific issues and analyses. This configuration ensures quality service to our clients, while maintaining localized analysis on their accounts. As a client, you are never more than one call or email away from knowing the status of your tax appeals.

Reduce Waiting Time And Keep Your Deals Moving Forward

In the world of real estate, deals move quickly and our clients need partners that can move just as fast. RETC is a dynamic company that understands the market and can change quickly to meet the needs of our clients. We work hard to operate as an extension of our clients’ business and promise to promptly respond to and satisfy all client requests within 24 hours.

Maximize Yields With Incentivized Pricing That Works For You

Each real estate deal and company is unique. Therefore, there isn’t a single pricing structure that works for everyone. RETC provides customized and smart pricing structures that align incentives and take into consideration fund-level versus property-level expenses, allowing clients to better manage their cash flows. Additionally, RETC has tiered fee structures that allocate fees appropriately across a portfolio depending on a client’s needs.