Whether your deals are in the pre-acquisition, holding, or disposition phase, RETC has the proven ability to create value for our clients by materially impacting deal and fund level returns on a consistent basis. See case studies below to learn more about how RETC drives deal success for our clients.

  • The client in this case study is a private firm that develops, owns and operates mid to high-rise multifamily properties spanning over 45 markets in North America and Europe. Collectively, they have and interest in over 200 assets with an estimated portfolio value of $10 billion.

  • The client had recently developed a senior living property. The costs the client incurred while developing this property were well above $20 million and the county appraisal district assessed the value at $29,199,960.

  • The county appraisal district decided to increase the appraised value of the client’s shopping center from $14,918,239 to $20,602,722. The appraisal district used recent transactions and rents from what they deemed comparable properties to justify the increase.

  • The client had seen very little increase in assessed value on this property for some time. However, this year the county appraisal district increased the value from $11,863,680 to $13,625,290.

  • The client had recently started construction on a new multifamily property. As of the assessment date, the project was only approximately 55% complete, whereas the county appraisal district estimated 80% completion.

  • The client had experienced an increase in the assessed value of their multifamily property that was still under construction. The appraisal district had come to the conclusion that the property was 100% complete as of the beginning of the year.

  • The client sold off approximately 45% of a large tract of land, which is in an area that had not yet experienced significant growth or activity.

  • The client’s assessed value for this property had been in line with its income for the past several years. The county appraisal district increased the property’s assessed value from $6,000,000 to $10,292,333.

  • During the Great Recession where it was common to see drastically reduced valuations of real estate property, the client reached out to RETC for guidance and representation. The clients assessed value increased from $6,157,676 to $8,351,125.

  • The client had to make significant changes due to the recent events in the oil and gas industry and had re-allocated their inventory to another location under a different entity. The county appraisal district was unaware of this transfer of inventory and the client was at risk of double taxation.