Omicron: The Impact on CRE

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The CRE market is battle tested and has found the recipe to work around this endemic. However, the immediate sign of this insidious variant is the disruption to cashflows it has unleashed on the travel (hospitality) and storefront retail industries. Lockdowns, vaccination requirements and masking requirements are political click-bait and divisive. And on the flipside, sectors such as industrial, will continue to do well as consumers conduct their retail business online. Overall, Omicron might be a blip that simply hangs on the potency of its strain. So far, it looks like it is weaker than the most recent Delta variant.

COVID fatigue is something we can all relate to. We are numb to this now. Long-term effects in the CRE market will mirror what we have already experienced. This trend, in many cases, will maintain this course due to the new normal of conducting business. The overall big picture will improve as the pharmaceutical companies continue to develop game changing therapeutics to lessen the severity of symptoms, herd immunity kicks in and the variants weaken.

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