Yields – Where to Buy and Where to Build

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It is much more difficult to build in California due to environmental, zoning and entitlement laws. For this reason, California tends to be under-supplied. Texas, on the other hand, is less stringent in its approach for new construction. However, if you can build in California and are willing to wait a little longer for approvals, you should consider building in California for the reason already mentioned.

Texas is aggressive when it comes to property taxation. The state revalues on an annual basis with no caps on tax increases. Whereas, California has caps in place on tax increases that date all the way back to 1978. This situation encourages investors to hold for an inordinate amount of time. Cashflows are high, but exit pricing is typically low. Texas does not have this issue upon exit.

The property tax law in California, commonly referred to as Prop 13, is under pressure. If Prop 13 is voted out or modified, assessments could ultimately reach market value. This creates an interesting strategy while navigating the investment market in California. So, the longer you hold a property in California, the lower your property taxes. An interested investor is unable to take advantage of lower property taxes as the property is revalued upon sale and a new tax base is set.

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RETC Group was recently acquired by Ryan, a leading global tax services and software provider and the largest Firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes. The combination of RETC and Ryan creates the largest property tax team in the United States with the most local expertise of any provider. RETC’s existing clients will continue to receive the excellent service they have been receiving and will now have access to Ryan’s value-added services and tax-saving strategies across more than 50 global tax disciplines.

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